• Helping people with Asperger’s syndrome to socialize easily, have deeper connections with people, feel understood & that they belong
  • By removing the 'invisible barrier' that isolates them from the world

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The Wall of Glass creates a difficulty to feel connected to others & know how to socialize intuitively


While there is nothing wrong about being neuro-atypical, it is not necessary to experience harder conditions of life because of the 'wall of glass' part.
It makes it harder for other people to understand and interact with you too!

Research shows this 'wall of glass' is the result of epigenetic damage and can be removed in a safe, harmless way !

Here are a few examples of people who worked with us

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Removing the Wall of Glass

A simple therapy process that safely removes the feeling of an invisible barrier and gives the feeling you belong in this world

This process is done under guidance of one of our highly-skilled therapists.

It takes generally 6 to 12 hours to complete, done over several sessions.

We run the process through visioconference (Zoom or Skype) all around the world.

It is safe and has been tested for over 11 years.

The success rate is very high.

We take the risk, you do not (see our pay-for-results policy).

Aren’t Relationships supposed to be the most fulfilling area of our lives ?

happy relationships

Pay-for-results policy

Guarantee of results

Our process works on 97% of people tested. See the testimonials for more.
We guarantee its efficiency or you do not pay.

  • There is NO fee if you don’t get the promised results
  • This policy ensure you get the best quality service 
  • This process has been safety-tested for 9 years and no negative side-effects have been observed

We take the risk. You do not.

Meet your therapist

Gaëtan Klein is a psychotherapist from France with 13 years of experience with different trauma healing modalities and has helped over 3,000 people worldwide.

After realizing he had been living his whole life with the « wall of glass », he joined the Institute for the Study of Peak State, a global research network with the goals to provide new fundamental ways to improve people’s lives.

As a specialist of the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Gaëtan is now a leading force in spreading the word about the ‘Wall of Glass’ process and other discoveries in the field of psycho-biology.


Need to understand more?

Watch the video on epigenetics if you need to understand fully how we improve psychological well-being and health by repairing epigenetic damages :


Peak States® Therapy

by Gaëtan Klein

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