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for people with Asperger's syndrome

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About our team

We are a gathering of psychotherapists, doctors, biologists and researchers, united by the vision of bringing forth into mainstream the breakthrough discoveries of the Institute for the Study of Peak States.

The ISPS was founded some 30 years ago by Dr Grant McFetridge, we seek to understand why do some people experience permanent ‘peak states’ while others only have a few momentary experiences of those states in their lives, at best.

Since, the ISPS extended its field of reseach into psychology and biology, finding a united model called subcellular psychobiology which we are now using to study ‘diseases of unknown etiology‘ and understand when our biological development gets disrupted, and how to design new treatments.

While we focus on offering cutting-edge treatments on Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, we continue our research on other fundamental issues.

Meet the team

Mary Pellicer, MD – Scientific Advisory & Director of Applied Research

A recognized expert in the field of traumatic brain injury, Mary is our medical go-to person, and she has helped thousands of people in the north-west of the USA as well as online, and is one our of leading practitioners on Autism.

Nemi Nath – Advanced Trainer, Researcher & Supervisor

After over 50 years in career, being the co-founder and director of  the International Breathwork Association, training hundreds of therapists and helping more people than can be counted, Nemi Nath joined the ISPS Clinic as a supervisor for our staff and brings her experience of core research into fine-tunning our therapists’ skills.

Shayne McKenzie – CEO

Focusing on leading several departments of the institute, and notably the clinic, our CEO Shayne McKenzie also loves to spend time doing the core work : helping people directly.

Asperger’s syndrome speciliazed therapist

A brilliant psychotherapist from Italy, Lorenza Meneghini joined the team and dedicates most of her time helping people with Asperger’s syndrome, after witnessing the amazing changes that the process brought to several people around her.

Jennifer Beattie, MS. C., Registered Psychologist

After an extensive career as a strongly appreciated psychologist from Alberta, Canada, Jennifer Beattie is now part of the ISPS Clinic with a focus on Anxiety, OCD, and Autism.

Asperger’s syndrome speciliazed therapist

As a french psychotherapist who experienced himself what having the ‘wall of glass’ does to one’s life, Gaëtan Klein is well indicated to teach and help people who suffer  from this.

Having experienced very positive and impactful changes after such a short process, he decided to give all help possible to spread the word about the ISPS’ success on Asperger’s, and joined the research team to participate to finishing the Autism project.


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