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A mother's journey through the research process for autism

Published on March the 4th, 2021

During this conference of the 2nd International Psycho-biology & Psycho-immunology Research Symposium held by the Institute for the Study of Peak States, Sonia Walcott from Australia tell the story of the ups & downs of participating in research on autism with her daughter. Thanks to her help, we were able to improve on our process and create massive changes for her daughter.

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Hyposensitive & Hypersensitive : differences in Asperger's Syndrome

Published on February the 18th, 2021

In the main video on how to remove the wall of glass and alleviate symptoms from Asperger’s Syndrome, we mostly described the typical personnality of hyposensitivity associated with the lack of direct emotional connection to others.


However, about half of the people with Asperger’s syndrome actually are the opposite : they are hypersensitive to other people’s emotions !

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Asperger’s treatment that improves social connection : a psychobiological explanation

Published on February the 23rd, 2021

This is a conference that was given by Gaëtan Klein – as a researcher and as first concerned by Asperger’s syndrome – during the 1st International Psychobiology and Psychoimmunology Research Symposium held in April 2020 by the Institute for the Study of Peak States.

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Asperger's Syndrome in Family Lines : how the disorder is transmitted from one generation to the other

Published on March the 9th, 2021

In this presentation, we explain how the damaged genes corresponding to Asperger’s syndrome get passed down from one generation to the other, why some parents don’t have the issue while their children have it, or vice versa, and the importance of subclinical symptoms.

This will explain how this issue is present to various degrees in family lines, why it is sometimes not detected, and in which conditions the whole family might benefit from the treatment.

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Epigenetic Biology : How you can change your gene's functioning and repair your deepest biology

Published on February the 2nd, 2021

For a long time, our biology and our neurology have been believed to be set and impossible to change in adults.

However, the new science of epigenetics (a branch of biology) has recently shed a new light on our cells’ functioning and how new methods can be used to influence them, including psychological-like techniques such as EFT or Peak States Therapy

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